Ten Steps to Make A Disease Disappear

As I sit here having probably the 8th hot flush of the day, I wonder what is going through the head of those who have deliberately put a massive iron boot in place, preventing any of us from ever getting well again.

Is said person sipping coffee whilst reading the newspaper without a care in the world? Are they going down to the beach with their children – without a thought for all the hundreds of thousands of children affected by ME? Does cruelty really know no bounds?

Whispers have been doing the rounds since Lombardi at al published their paper in 2009. The findings of a brand new retrovirus in prostate cancer in 2006 barely made headlines, I don’t even remember it being on the news. Yet as soon as the association was found in ME – alarm bells must have gone off in someones bunker, “don’t let them out” screamed Wessely and White, desperate to protect their empire which has been forged on lies.

It’s a bit like that episode of the Simpsons when Homer builds Springfield on piles of garbage, sooner or later the whole thing will burst apart.

How to make a disease disappear – well it’s relatively simple in ten easy steps.

First: Take one symptom of that disease, in our case, fatigue and tie that symptom in with various psychiatric conditions then rename that disease to belittle it.

Second: Take every symptom of the disease and come up with a bullshit theory on how telling the symptoms to go away will make the disease disappear. If the disease does not disappear, blame the patient, proving that the psychiatrists were right all along, it is the patients fault.

Third: When conducting scientific studies, ONLY study those patients with the psychiatric condition, deliberately EXCLUDE patients with the real disease. In fact, why not go one leap further and make a specific criteria which allows patients with mental health conditions to be included and make sure the severely affected aren’t allowed to be included.

Fourth: Make sure all professionals who believe that this disease is caused by the psychiatric condition and not by real pathogens are placed in all four corners: Controlling the media, running the NICE Guidelines, sitting on the Medical Research Council and the Department for Work and Pensions so none of these people get benefits and are forced to work.

Fifth: Make sure that all papers reporting biomedical evidence of this condition are filed and locked away for a very long time so no one can gain access to them.

Sixth:  Discredit anyone who comes close to finding the truth. Whether it be telling lies, stating that their laboratories are contaminated or if it is threatening the scientist in question and making them mysteriously quit their job.

Seventh:  Ensure no education about this disease occurs in medical school or higher up. Study of permitted literature is deemed acceptable, for example works by Professor Simon Wessely, Professor Peter White, Professor Trudie Chadler and their esteemed colleges.

Eighth:  It is imperative GP’s get the message that these patients are nothing but lazy malingerers so an excellent training video has to be put together, ensuring that doctors view the patient as deconditioned and mental. This video must be circuited widely.

Ninth: Claim to be an expert in viruses and go around telling anyone that will listen that CBT can kill any virus going.

Tenth: Infiltrate all charities and force them to believe your way is the only way. If they won’t play ball then no extra funds for you my friend, only sloppy seconds.


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